ACEC 2014 Our Friends from Across The Nullarbor 15 stories in 90 minutes

A Dad and Dave team putting today’s ICT issues in your face and how to solve them, there will be nowhere to hide in this presentation. Its’ as frank as it gets.

The presentation will focus on presenting 15 rapid-fire ‘different’ stories of innovative practices in the use of ICT, which supports the curriculum in West Australian schools. The presentation will include a number of practical examples showing how any teacher, given direction and process can make a major impact with their students.

Delegates attending this session will hopefully walk out with a number of ideas and strategies they can take back to their own school. We also will make time to discuss how administrators supported these stories. Lets finish off with identifying the challenges for the very near future and how the men from the Wild West intend to stay ahead of the jCurve.

If you’re looking for a presentation that will be different, self-rated as high quality assurance then we encourage you to come and join in. Be prepared you will be put on the spot to answer questions candidly and share your experiences.

The inconvenient truth is sometimes the start to thinking outside the box in education.


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