Adelaide – People – Panda and Personal Points of View

We managed to tick a box left unmarked on our last trip with a visit to the Adelaide Zoo to see the pandas – Wang Wang and Funi who arrived in Adelaide on our last visit some 5 years ago but were in quarantine when we were there. They did not let us down. The zoo itself which was just a short stroll from our caravan park was a pleasant way to spend a sunny Sunday. Julie managed to visit Harbour Town, the Cathedral and get in a few pleasant walks along the creek – sorry – river. I called into Glenelg before departing and paid a visit to Saint Peter’s Boys College and was very lucky to spend time with Simon Murray Principal and Walter Barbieri¬†The Director of eLearning. For vision – I rate it the best I’ve seen in Australia. Now that’s a big call.


We entertained Tammy and Brad for Sunday tea at the caravan and collected Dynamite Dave from the airport on Monday before Julie flew home again to see her parents. Vic Gecas joined this trio on the Tuesday and together we presented our collected wisdom at the ACEC conference at the Adelaide convention centre.

Being in Adelaide at this event also allowed for Brad and I to reunite with many of our fellow travellers on the 2012 ISTE tour to San Diego. Tina Photakis as usual was the social hub of our activities and she surprised Julie and I with a lovely Greek meal on the night of the forgettable AFL Grand Final. Talking of people we showed our age when we left the The Alma in Norwood at half time because the hotel was too crowded and too loud for our liking. The pub owned by Mark Ricciuto, is ‘iconic’ for the football followers in Adelaide.


Obviously at a national conference there were a few familiar faces from Western Australia and the odd one or two especially Martin Levins from Armidale NSW who I had a chance to share some collective wisdom. I spent Saturday hosting Bradley, David and Tammy in Hahndorf. Great weather, great food and three young people with influential ICT abilities.


Enroute to Adelaide, Julie and I spent a few days relaxing with Scott and Kathryn Carson and their kids. We met this crew in Sydney and followed them home to Kadina on the York Peninsula for some relaxed and rewarding days. Their three lovely children Emily, Cameron and Grace are enough to brighten up any ones day. This was to be our undoing of us as caravaners as well when I manage to put the Excalibur under the roof eave on exit of the Kadina home. As we have come to learn and rely on time and time again – help came along- patience prevailed and we extracted ourselves from a precarious position.

With conference comes the rhetoric – I’m too long past this and simply believe actions always speaks louder than words. I had three evening engagements on the conference nights. This included a 2012 Reunion Dinner – The Presidents Dinner and then the Conference Dinner. All pricy affairs and at the end of the day – in future I may simply choose to avoid them all.

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  1. eddie October 17, 2014 at 6:20 pm #

    Nice Buddy…..feel as if we let you down. You supported me in a time of great need and made a connection that resulted in 3 remote kids having a bright and engaging future. One of my kids played footy at Pattison stadium thanks to Clontarf. Always considered you a good salt of the earth kinda fella..but I guess it’s about who moves and who shakes…


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