Bonza Time in the Bay

After the cold starts of Canberra we were blown away by the near perfect weather turned on by Batemans Bay. We had to pinch ourselves over our week stay that this was actually winter. We parked at the idyllic riverside caravan park in the heart of Batemans Bay and were treated to day after day of sunshine and stunning water views.


The Eurobodalla Area on the South Coast of NSW refers to the land of many wonders. We took on the geological journey and again were stunned with amazing rock formations and the number of stunning secluded bays. It would be easy to describe many of our days as a journey back to ancient times. We were treated to a world-class gallery of amazing formations and folds of sandstone, siltstone, shale, granite and basalt strewn along the coast.


A trip highlight was time spent with Les and Mushka Sadowsky. Les was a pioneer and an absolute champion in the early days of Corpus Christi College. He left an indelible mark on the footprint of where I still work today. Now happily retired and living in the quirky village of Mogo, not a lot has changed with a man who has and will always stand his ground.


We went to the Botanic Gardens and enjoyed the display gardens, walking tracks and picnic facilities. There was a herbarium, information centre and café as well to be found in the Gardens complex.

I had a reality check when we tackled the difficult trek to the top of Pigeon House Mountain. Seven months on the road with a great cook, a few social drinks on a very regular basis combined with morning and afternoon tea, TG needs another big health kick and potentially sooner than later. Pigeon House Mountain is a distinctive peak in the southern part of Morton National Park. Captain Cook named Pigeon House Mountain as he sailed past in 1770 – “a remarkable peaked hill which resembled a square dove house with a dome on top. The climb to the top is not particularly long, but is steep. The rewards are views in all directions, from the ocean in the east to the major peaks of the Central Budawangs.


Trevor couldn’t resist the offer to join a couple of other caravaners when recruited to go on a fishing charter aboard the Gemini fishing the inner reefs. Although not spectacularly successful in terms of fish the gourmet meal we shared with my fellow fishermen was a highlight of our stay in the bay.



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  1. Jonny Rocca August 2, 2014 at 8:59 am #

    Great to see you both still enjoying it all.
    It was particularly pleasing to see the great Les S fit and healthy. What a legend of CCC!


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