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For those interested in the coming months Roger Broadie (UK) and I will post on a series of short articles on the key distinguishing attributes of schools in the UK, US, NZ and Australia that have or nearly have normalised the whole school use of digital technology.

We’ll use my Twitter account of MalrLee to inform folk of each release.

They are core features – all with potential profound implications for schools and their leaders, and schooling in general – that set the schools at this evolutionary stage well apart from the traditional paper based school.

The first post now on the site is on The Impact and Imperative of a Digital Operational Base

We posit that when schools, like all other organisations before them, move to a fully digital operational base – where all the teachers use the digital technology naturally in their everyday teaching – they will forever evolve and change, and will do so at an ever greater pace.

The corollary is that schools that don’t move to that full digital operational base will remain basically the same, in equilibrium with the associated consequences.

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