Crescent Head -‘A Holiday Advertisement’

Crescent Head – ‘Paradise for Many’

A week after pulling up at Crescent Head for a couple of days to watch the 2014 Malibu Surfing Championship we need to hitch up and get moving further south.

This is a place that has what it takes to call a holiday – 19 kms south east of Kempsey and 440 kms north of Sydney, you’ll find this seaside village. Crescent Head offers magnificent water views, as the village fronts Killick Creek and the ocean, and is surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Hat Head National Park. Uniquely the caravan park is basically full and has a combination of the dreaded Grey Nomads [many who are returning for the 30th year in a row]Surfers [both young and old – long hair and no hair male and female] and The Others – families with children and people like Julie and I who fit into none of the above groups.

Its a village that has something for many:-

The Grey Nomads

Company, great weather, ocean and creek 20 steps apart, fishing at the front and back doorstep, stand up paddling – floating in the creek, bowls, golf and it’s basically 5 o’clock all day here.


The Surfers

It is a well-respected surfing destination. Declared a National Surfing Reserve, the fourth site in Australia to be recognised for its special significance to surfing, it is one of the few places in Australia where the spirit of the 1960s surfing counter-culture lives on, an easy-going “share the ocean” vibe still embraced by the local surfing tribes. Apparently there are four perfect right-hand point-breaks, tailor-made for malibu riders, grommets (a surfer under the age of 16) and beginners who are all capable of generating miracle rides of up to 250 metres. 


The Others

The scenery north to South West Rocks and south to Port Macquarie is stunning. The water approaching June can still be swum, the creek provides protection from the ocean waves, whales, dolphins at sea add to the beauty and discovery with rabbits and dogs add to the homeliness of the caravan park. The simple life style – no need to use the car, shops and hotels 50 metres away – everyone is catching fish – above all everyone is relaxed on holiday mode and helpful.

Look this place up – you be the judge – several of my Kolbe friends namely Rod Dowling and Bernard Blanch especially from a surfing perspective, Lyn Quilty from growing up learning how to surf can expand on my words. Not a traveller up the north coast said make sure you drop into Crescent Head – those here don’t want the secret to get out.



  1. Anne May 27, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    Sounds great. How long are you staying ?


  2. Jonny Rocca May 28, 2014 at 6:36 am #

    Once again it sounds like paradise.
    Keep enjoying and collecting the memories.


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