Day 4 – More Driving 607km

Ceduna – Gulnare
An uneventful day driving – not even a sheep, snake or kangaroo in sight through all the bush land we covered today. We rang Trevor’s stepmother Annette as we travelled through her old home town of Iron Knob. Camped by the roadside  2km outside of Gulane (might need to Google that). It was a lovely stop overlooking newly cut wheat files. We could see the silo and town lights from our camp. Chatted to a husband and wife duo who were trucking old railway sleepers to their home so their boss could on sell them for a profit.
We avoided most of the heat that was plaguing WA and also SA. Temperature finally rose as we reached Port Augusta – got to 39. There was a hot dry breeze at our camp spot that turned lovely and cool overnight.
The biggest question for me to ponder so far ….. whats more exciting?
  • Norseman to the South Australian Border
  • South Australian border to Port Augusta

– answer soon

Tomorrow Renmark with a weather forecast of 43.
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