Fleurieu Peninsula

We had bypassed this peninsula on previous visits to Adelaide, so it was on recommendation we headed to Goolwa a short drive from Victor Harbour as our base camp. We arrived on the day the schoolies were leaving (good planning some may say) to settle into our new surrounds.

Goolwa/Victor Harbour
There was a great bike trail some 21km that connected Goolwa to Victor Harbour. We managed to cycle both ways and take in the holiday township of Middleton and the attractive Horseshoe Bay at Port Elliot. Victor Harbour is the Dunsborough of SA, upmarket and a tourist magnet location. There is plenty to see and do and being only 80km from Adelaide it’s certainly worth a trip. Goolwah offers a very historic perspective of the early days of SA with period buildings a town still not spoilt by the influx of the fast food chains and razzmatazz. Hindmarsh Island right next door, connected by a bridge offers a view of where the mighty Murray joins the sea. The barrages built to keep the Coorong as a living waterway are fascinating. I notice in the news this week that NSW wants to tap into the river upstream to keep Broken Hill supplied with access to water. Downstream all suffers.


 It’s a delicate balancing act spoilt by the wants of lots of individuals and the collective needs of all having to prosper. Hindmarsh Island also boasts a very modern marina with lots of wealthy homes (similar to Mandurah) taking in the commanding views. We were also introduced to some close friends of Lina and Vic Adam, Tony and Mary – always the highlight of any stay, meeting new people.


 McLaren Vale
McLaren Vale was the 4th wine region we have visited in SA and definitely was the ‘most spectacular’. We arrived via the Adelaide Hills and descended into lush green vineyards, the ocean visible one side and the hills making for a spectacular landscape. Our purpose here was to participate in the Gorgeous Festival at Serafino Winery, a short walk from the van park. The Gorgeous Festival is an annual boutique music, food and wine festival, celebrating the flavours and creativity of South Australia’s Fleurieu Peninsula. Like its name the festival is exactly that for the audience members – Gorgeous. Not simply a music festival, it is an experience encompassing the abundance and creativity of the region. We partook in an amazing long table meal on the Friday evening with entertainment supplied and an assortment of food and beverages to suit any palette. The chefs were from shows like of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ and local guns of the area. Definitely a highlight of our trip. The Saturday saw Xavier Rudd headline a class list of entertainers as thousands of people frolicked on a gorgeous day, drinking wine, eating apt food and enjoying talented musicians. Busby Marou who we had encountered at Tamworth, The Waifs, Timberwolf along with the Beautiful Girls (an all male band) took my ear. Check out the talent by clicking on this link.


Our catch-up connection here was at Brighton Beach with Andy Cox and Greg Egan from Apple. Great to see Andy only a month or so before the arrival of his and Belinda’s first child.

We are now headed for the Eyre Peninsula – Western Australia is looming.

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  1. Jonny Rocca December 4, 2014 at 5:16 pm #

    Almost makes me homesick when I hear about SA and its features. Well almost!1
    Take care
    and it will be great for me to have you back!


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