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Flipboard was  designed as a social network aggregation, magazine-format app for iPads.  It is now the most popular of the magazine-like content aggrregator apps for iOS, Android, Kindle and Nook.

Flipboard’s strength is you are able to bring your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn into one location alongside your favorite news sources and anything else you like to read, or watch (like YouTube) – all while making it easily to share your favorite content with your social networks and enabling you to easily curate your favorite content into Flipboard magazine(s)

Flipboard  is my key  discovery and curation tools  because:

  1. It allows me to easily aggregrate content from a range of different sources.
  2. Quickly curate and share articles I add directly to my own magazine from within Flipboard (or using the Flip It bookmarklet in your web browser) while I can also share the articles with  with social networks at the same time!

Here’s a You Tube video from Sue Waters on how she uses Flipboard magazines to find, curate and share content.

You’ll find a complete step by step guide to setting up Flipboard here.


The concept is a bit hard to grasp! But then once you set it up it does a bit of networking for me, , just linking and producing something a professional looking online newspaper.

“” is a website address, a URL. You just type it into your browser and you get their main page.

Check my page

“Start an online newspaper today” is their slogan and then you just click on the yellow “Start your paper” button and begin with giving your newspaper a  title! Then you specify where the content should be taken from. I’ve chosen content from my Twitter account at the moment. From now on everything is automatic. “” is watching what I and my friends post on Twitter and adds this with photos, if available to my  online newspaper. Then, at any time, every day, if you like, you can have a look at your freshly updated online newspaper and send the link to your friends or network the link where ever you can. collects everything that you specify in the keywords and once established you can sit back and enjoy your own newspaper every day with things that really interest you. And since I tweet , every time picks up one of my tweets and publishes it in my paper, it creates a backlink. Great! can also be used in a classroom, teachers and kids will have a lot of fun and learn a lot!

Have a look yourself if you want to do some networking with a little online newspaper that fills itself practically automatically!

You Tube Link

Here is an interesting view that says using Paper Li is not the way to go: –

Google+ is Not Another Social Networking Site!

Google+ has many of the same features as a social networking site like Facebook. Both have newsfeeds, photo sharing, and groups. However, Google+ and Facebook are not direct competitors. Google Search has been a powerful marketing tool for over a decade. Unlike Likes on Facebook, every +1 on Google directly interfaces with all Google advertising products associated with the Google+ account. So every time that +1 Button is clicked, it feeds Google’s advertising engine, allowing them to match more targeted ads to you and everyone connected with you through your Google account.

Google+ has added a key social element to other popular Google products. Its heavy influence on Google Search and Google Ad Words is substantial. Google+ is not a fleeting social media trend, or even a social media network. Google+ is a crucial component of the new face of SEO as well as an entire “ecosystem” of online marketing features by Google.

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