Phillip Island – Penguins Steal the Show

We spent a couple days down at Phillip Island and the experience didn’t let us down. We visited the Grand Prix Track, The Veterans Museum along with a number of nature and heritage reserves. Without doubt the penguins blew us away. It was a nice fillip for Julie as well as she has since gone home to Perth again to be with her family as Dino battles to regain his strength. A timely reminder of our the fine line we all walk in our daily journies.

piNational Museum of Vietnam Veterans
The Vets museum was our first stop on our two day visit. the sheds are full of interesting memorabilia, stories, videos and artefacts. The museum is growing as new exhibits are continually added. Take the time to acknowledge those who fought in Vietnam. Moving Experience.


What a spectacle! We were lucky enough to do the Ultimate Tour through Red Balloon so got to view the penguins with a small group of 8 (max number is 10). We had our own guide who gave us an introductory talk, teaching us how to use our night glasses and head set. She even allowed us to feel the coat of a penguin – unbelievable silky smooth feathers. I’d never felt anything quite like it.

penguinsWe were driven to our start point in a mini bus as the roads were being closed for the night (a great strategy to keep the penguins safe from being road kill).

We took a small stroll along the beach to our viewing spot and waited for the parade to begin . We were not disappointed, soon they began arriving – the first raft was the largest. Our night vision glasses gave us excellent viewing, the penguins were right there in front of us. Oh so cute!

Once the bulk of the penguins were ashore we walked back to the Visitors Centre, stopping frequently to let a penguin pass. They are real conversationalists, talking and growling at each other. At the back of the Visitors Centre there are some penguin boxes made by humans to make nesting easier. We were able to watch these penguins for a long amount of time. We were told to check out the Penguin App as there is a web cam inside one home that gives. 24-hour feedback of what is happening inside. Apparently the 2 penguins that live in that home will soon be laying eggs do you will be able to see the chicks grow and interact with their parents. It takes. 35 days for a penguin egg to hatch. Worth watch I’m sure.

We loved the experience and I recommend you spend the extra cash to do this ultimate experience.

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    What a fabulous experience!


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