Port Macquarie – North Haven

After the sun, sand and surf of Crescent Head we changed pace for a week, back to being tourists. Port Macquarie was a surprise in itself. The third town after Sydney and Newcastle to be established in NSW it offers plenty for the visitor. We literally took to the water with a local company ‘cruise adventures’ – their prices suited our budget. In the first instance for $30 we got up close and personal with a whale, we followed this up onboard a stunning sunset river cruise $10 mind you to see that there is a canal side to the town where those with money live and the third part of the experience was a coastal reef fishing trip which Julie broke tradition. Not only did she come and not be sea sick she managed to land the two biggest fish, although our take home catch was poor to say the least. Lots of undersize snapper got their chance to see another day.



A visit to a local tomato and strawberry grower ‘Ricardoes’ proved a hit with rich red tomatoes and hand picked strawberries that were awesome. We managed a visit to the Koala hospital, good work done by these guys. The amazing thing is we have seen a 1000 beware of Koala signs so far on our trip and not one koala – so this worked well. Throw in the odd church, cemetery and few lookouts combined with a Top Tourist Park set out of town with excellent management – we certainly enjoyed our stay.



This weekend we headed down the coast a short distance to the village of North Haven. The weather forecasters had promised rain so we were happy to have good weather time on Saturday to get the bikes out and explore the river system. A trip up North Brother Mountain exposed views of the Camden Haven Region. The small villages of Bonny Hills, Laurieton, Dunbogan and Lake Cathie offer a relaxing interlude as we gear up for Sydney soon. Fishing, golden sand beaches, many walking tracks and paths a lazy weekend coffee shop or just relaxation are available in abundance along this strip of the Pacific Ocean. Lots of National Parks, beach side villages or a trip up into the hinterland are available from here. This Northern Coastline of NSW is turning out to be extraordinary. We seem to be moving very slowly and finding plenty of wow factor wherever we take the van off as shown by this 36km drive.



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  1. Anne June 1, 2014 at 5:55 pm #

    Gorgeous photos, especially the one of Julie..


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