Renmark to Culcairn Day 6/7

Day 6 Renmark to Hay
Our overnight stop in Renmark was mostly due to our need to buy new tyres for the van. I met a very helpful family business Renmark Auto Service who set me straight. I dropped the car off at 8.30am and they dropped me back at my van. In between packing up the outside of the van  our departure we kept scuttling back inside the van to the air conditioning. The temperature reached 47 degrees so you can understand our desire to be inside the van. The previous day, although hot there was a least a gentle breeze which made the heat much more bearable.
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New Tyres on deck we were  able to leave Renmark at 2.30pm.
Our overnight stop over was a planned free camp beside the Murranbidgie River outside of Hay. This didn’t eventuate as there was no signage to guide us there. Instead at 8.30pm with night fast approaching we pulled up in a truck bay at the side of the highway. Van AirCon couldn’t work so it was a hot night though with all the windows down and sleeping the other way around we did have a cross breeze that made sleeping more pleasant.
What do you save for $30 by not staying in a caravan pack
–  NO AirCon, lots of mosquitoes,nd road noise and a rough night sleep.
11 12
Day 7
We did have the constant thundering of trucks hurtling past but despite this managed to have a fairly decent sleep. Destination today Culcairn and a reunion with our old friends Tony and Lyn and their now not so little kids Stuart and Alex. Can’t wait – they are the type of friends that no matter how long between visits they are just like you left them last time. A few days off the road now before we head off for Trevor’s dream of Tamworth.
Made it 3700km +
16 18

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  1. Thommo January 16, 2014 at 3:30 pm #

    Thanks for the wonderful log of day-to-day happenings. I hope you are both having lots of fun in between the tyres and heat. I woke up to ‘Looking Forward, looking back’ by Slim Dusty this morning and instantly was transported to your pilgrimage to Tamworth.
    Take care and stay safe,


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