Welcome to TGPD

I am Trevor Galbraith residing in Perth Western Australia and currently hold the position of Director of Learning Technologies at Corpus Christi College in Bateman.


My work in ICT has been at the chalk face with students and teachers in schools with much of his time spent assisting teachers with the digital revolution.

Recent Colleges:-

  1. Sacred Heart College – Sorrento
  2. Kolbe Catholic College – Rockingham
  3. Corpus Christi College – Bateman [current]

Mobile Technologies  

How can we use them to create effective and exciting Learning Networks in and outside of our school?

Students want to leverage emerging communications and collaboration tools to create and personalize networks of experts to inform their education process. They also see the use of relevancy-based digital tools, content and resources as a key to driving learning productivity. How can we achieve this?

Effective integration of technology must support four key components of learning: active engagement, collaboration, frequent interaction and feedback, and connection to real-world experts. there are plenty of roadblocks so we must examine  some practical strategies currently being used  and vision what’s  around the corner?

Most teachers are working for their profession, the students, and the parents – shouldn’t it be a three way street toward the best achievement of the child?