The Fraser Coast


The Fraser Coast‘well worth a visit’
Queensland is one of those places where the weather determines the outcome of a day. After leaving the record rainfall in Yeppoon we spent 10 days on the Fraser Coast, the weather returned in favour of the tourists and we have now been shacked up in Noosa for 4/5 days with very pleasant weather. One has learnt that the weather changes in a matter of hours – before I had finished this post the rain has returned.

The Town of 1770 / Agnes Waters
Pleasant memories of beer and wine at sunset, strolling along a lovely long beach at Agnes Waters – where the water was a magnificent arrangement of blues and greens, very coarse sand (not like Scarborough) that tore away at your toes, strong under currents and rips and a patrolled and flagged swimming area the size of a local council pool. Lots of the Juicy Vans, Hippie Trucks and Wicked Machines here – so cool for the young ones.

The highlight was a kayak sunset trip with a Tour Group – 1770 Liquid Adventures – the guide Simon was outstanding – a very relaxed and satisfying way to see the mainland as Captain Cook did without the buildings in 1770.

The caravan park turned up a different animal friend, sun was shining and the kookaburras singing – the odd bush turkey was around scavenging but there were a couple of monitor lizards (friendly and local) that got every new van or backpacker in the park on their toes with their first encounter.


A great place for a few days just to chill – oriented towards the tourist.

bundaberg 201 - main street

We used Bundaberg as a pit stop – time for fuel, food and rum. Yep we toured the Bundaberg Rum Factory – very good tour with tastings of the famous product. Due to our own scheduling we did the Bundaberg Ginger Beer Factory after the distillery – not advisable. After a tasting session of 14 cool drinks. Yep 14, the rum was starting to ferment. Amazing to read that only 12 months earlier Bundaberg was devastated by floods – the resilience of people under adversity is amazing as we all complain about our own small issues on a day to day basis – like work, the sore knee, my footy team lost again, so an so is a pain – reality check people – start enjoying your life NOW.

Hervey Bay – Maryborough and Fraser Island
From Bundaberg we slipped down to Hervey Bay for a week. It would be fair to say that this is a place you spend a month or two and not even realise you had been there that long – relaxing – just chilling. Lovely ocean vistas, plenty of historical towns and villages in close proximity, the splendor of the World Heritage listed Fraser Island accessible by barge and to top it off really helpful people in the caravan park surrounded us. Out came the pushbikes, the sneakers and sun hats.


Maryborough would be some 32 kilometers inland from Hervey Bay. Distinctively different, claiming to be the home of the author of Mary Poppins, the town presents still in its old historic format. For people from Kalgoorlie we can appreciate their story. We went on Thursday – market day and were treated to a town tour by Mary Heritage – as we were the only two on the ‘free tour’ we heard a lot from Mary – but really worth doing. Again the realisation that this town flooded very recently gives you a nice comforting feeling of living in laid back Perth – very little drama in that part of Australia. Maybe it will rain there one day that makes the news. This town has its place in history – once thought as the possible capital of Queensland – don’t miss it in your travels – different in many ways including the people.


Hervey Bay
This was a town that Julie’s mum stopped at 28 years ago and couldn’t buy a loaf of bread after 7.00pm to home for more than 80000 people – excluding us tourists. Lovely coffee shops and eateries make the ocean front inviting and a great 14km walkway/cycle way making the ocean come to you. The Urangan fishing pier was the home of many a fisherman extending some 800 metres out to sea. We didn’t need to throw the line in a neighbor (boating) shared his catch of tuna with us and for the record it tasted better than the barramundi we score at Finch Hatton.


Its holiday time and the week leading up to Easter so the van parks are filling up, this week with children – who should avoid grumpy old men at all times, we don’t need to set the alarm. We have virtually celebrated lent in a different church each week and realize the multicultural nature of our Catholic priests back in Perth is replicated Australia wide.

Fraser Island – ‘Must Do’
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. It was inscribed on the World Heritage List (1992) in recognition of its outstanding natural universal values. It features complex dune systems that are still evolving and an array of rare and unique features including dune lakes and rainforests.


The Island is also home to numerous pristine freshwater lakes; we visited Lake McKenzie and crystal clear creeks such as the famous Eli Creek, which feature spectacular swimming rock pools. Fraser Island also boasts a 1000-year-old rainforest where the trees are all thriving in nothing more than sand. Located on the eastern side of the Island is Seventy Five Mile Beach, a stunning natural highway with its own shipwreck, “The Maheno” and cliffs of amazing coloured sand formations and Australia’s purest dingoes. I suggest you fill in the rest of the story by taking a look for yourself one day. I managed to take a plane flight – landing and takeoff from the beach – 75km in 15 minutes v 75km in 3 hours in the 4WD – beautiful spot.


Life – “It’s about friendships”
Every day when we look at our Facebook pages or post a story, someone has managed to like or share a saying, poem, graphic or a short video which illustrates a message about life, friendships and connectedness. What makes a trip like this special are the new people you meet on the way. Hervey Bay turned up Tom & Merylyn and Nifty Nev & Inara – both couples living from their caravans as home. They took  time out to make our trip special and the modifications they completed on our van, means moments to remember for a long time. We believe there will be a next time with these ‘friends’ that we only knew for 6 days.

We are now happily ‘holidaying on the Sunshine Coast’ and will head to Brisbane for Easter – look forward to the next report of the Galbraith’s on Tour.

We are beginning to like this!


  1. Tricia April 12, 2014 at 1:58 pm #

    Great reading about your adventures. Love the photos……look forward to hearing many more stories. Hope the weather from Ita does no affect you…stay safe happy travelling. hugs to you both T


  2. Lina April 12, 2014 at 6:00 pm #

    Love reading your posts and looking at you spectacular photos – keep them coming!



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