The Must-Have Habitudes of Effective 21st Century Leaders

The conversation around must-have, 21st century leadership skills has been in full swing for years. From business to education; classroom to community…


Although it’s almost certain we will never all agree to a singular list of skills, strategies, and competencies leaders must embody for success now and in the future, we do know what effectively operating and leading in a fluid, dynamic and every changing 21st Century world requires:



The ability to see the challenge and the solution, from every angleThe ability know what questions to ask and when to ask themThe ability to communicate one’s vision passionately and persuasivelyThe ability to connect with others and create an enduring relationshipThe ability to understand your strengths and the discipline to improve your weaknessesThe ability to dream, set audacious goals, and believe they can be accomplishedThe ability to stand out, stand up, and stand beside and knowing when each is requiredThe ability to lead, serve and honor others.
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