TWEED COAST – Ballina – Byron Bay – Lennox Head

After the dizzy heights of Mount Warning it was back to the Coast for some rest and relaxation. We chose a great caravan park, Ballina Headlands Leisure Park which was located between the rugged cliffs of Lennox Heads and Ballina.

Byron Bay Lighthouse
We drove to Byron Bay and went up to the lighthouse lookout. There were cars everywhere, many from people on the beaches, surfing, sun baking or swimming. Traffic Inspectors and police everywhere making sure everyone followed the road rules. Roads around Byron are in great need of repair and widening. You can see why everyone raves about Byron Bay as the beaches are just beautiful and the headland is mind blowing. There is a lovely walkway that goes around the coastline and allows you to look out at the furthest eastern point of Australia. This walk is well worth doing even when in pain with each step from Mt Warning.


Lennox Head Beach Fishing
Trevor surprised me by booking day beach fishing with an expert. Paul took us out onto the beach with his 4-wheel drive. He had all the gear and lots of knowledge. Taught us lots about beach fishing. The day looked fabulous when we left home but as we started to fish big black clouds started to form. We watched them move across the ocean dumping rain. At one point we thought we would have to run for it – the skies looked ominous but not a drop of rain came our way. It did whip the wind up a lot though, which spoilt our fishing. (I have to blame something as we didn’t catch enough for a meal. The one decent fish Trev caught we released, as we didn’t have enough to feed us both.) All I caught was a huge tangle in my line.

One great part of the day was the kites and sea eagles flying above and around us. The kites swooped down to take the small dart that Trevor caught.

Majestic Birds – view video below

Route 28
Route 28 is a Tourist Drive around the district taking in towns perched in the hinterland like Astonville and Wardell. A couple of highlights were stops at Thursday Plantation and Summerland House Farm.

  • Thursday Plantation which is both the brand for essential oil products and the original home of Tea Tree. A place where visitors are encouraged to discover the magic of natural therapies in a rainforest garden, sculpture park and Tea Tree maze.
  • Summerland House Farm is a magnificent working macadamia and avocado farm. With plenty of attractions like mini golf, tractor tours, museum and a macadamia farm. This was not our main purpose but for the reason that Summerland House Farm is a business enterprise of House With No Steps, providing support for people with disabilities. They work in partnership with these people and their family to help achieve their personal potential and lead a full life within their community. A lovely connection with Corpus Christi College.


We are now headed for the Clarence Valley.

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  1. Chanel May 19, 2014 at 8:22 pm #

    Great to see you both having an enjoyable trip. Rob said to call into Yamba, and fish the Oyster Racks for big Bream..


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